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As a qualified house inspection professional in Manchester Township, NJ, I am committed to helping you understand your property. Buying a house is one of the most significant investments you’ll make in a lifetime, so I provide thorough home inspections to help you make educated decisions. For over 30 years, I’ve built my career driven by honesty and clarity. With my assistance, you get a clear picture of your current or prospective property.

When you and I work together, I will give you complete property inspection and unmatched customer service. After the inspection is complete, I will explain my findings in a detailed report. This report will include assessing your home’s main components and structure and any necessary repairs or improvements. The inspection may include termite inspection, radon testing, mold inspection, oil tank sweep, sewer inspection, and more. I work with both property buyers and sellers, providing thorough inspections to make every sale worth their while.

Call Me Before You Close That Sale!

You need to acquire a certified house inspection in Manchester Township, NJ, before closing the sale when buying a house. I can help you get the information you need about the structure and condition of the property so you can negotiate a fair price. I’ve got you covered whether you need a buyer’s inspection or a seller’s inspection. Get in touch with me now to schedule an appointment!

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